Dariusz Ciszewski was born on the 12th of June in 1964 r. in Augustów.
He graduated from The University of Finance and Management in Bialystok with degree in marketing and management.
He also received politology and social science diploma. Since year 1988 he has been an active participant of social and political life. In 1988 - 1993 he had been involved in forming and developing of NSZZ “Solidarity”.
In 1993-1998 he had been the chairman of Pojezierze Region Board of Trade Union Solidarity and the member of National Commission as well as deputy of National Congress of Deputies NSZZ " Solidarity ". In 1998 -2002 as the vice-marshal of Podlaskie region he had been responsible for economic development, European integration, preparing Development Strategy of Podlaskie Province and obtaining financing from European Union. In that period of time he had been also member of Podlaskie Regional Self-Government and National Council of Social Movement. He had been also a member of National Employment Council for two years.
Currently he works at Technical University of Bialystok, where he is responsible for managing of International Programmes Office. He is also the owner of "D.C. Consulting" Company as well as the partner of CDB Company. He lives with his family, wife Lucy and son Charles in Bialystok.