Social, political and professional experience.
I think that gaining financial funds worth 400 million of zloty on development of Podlaskie Province from European Union and preparing complex computer project „Wrota Podlasia", together with supplying its funding are my biggest success in public activity.
I prepared also the plan of the most important investments for Bialystok known as " The programme of economic investments for the agglomeration of Bialystok".


• vice-marshal of podlaskie region 1998-2002
• member of Podlaskie Regional Self-Government 1998-2002
• member of finance commission in the Augustow City Council 1993-1997
• vice - chairman (1993-1995) and chairman of Pojezierze Region Board of Trade NSZZ "Solidarity" 1995-1999
• member of National Commission of NSZZ "Solidarity" 1995-1999
• member of National Council of Social Movement 1998-2002
• chairman of Supervisory Council of Special Economic Zone in Suwalki
• member of National Employment Council 2001-2002,
• vice - president of Podlaski Business Club 2004-2005
• president of KPKM sp. z o.o. 2007 -